"we pride ourselves with quick service delivery"

We will develop and maintain a perfect technology solution for your business, so that you can focus on what you do best - bringing in clients!

As the world gets more and more digital, it's imperative that your business goes digital also. StarX develops custom software tailored to your business to help you save money in key areas and more reliably manage your operations. We'll help create your business' website and any email set up that's needed.

Software Engineering

No matter what you need or do, or what platforms you need to do it on, our team of engineers have the solution to your business’ software situation.

Web Development

Website and web applications for all categories: Company Profiles, Online Resumes, E-Commerce, Dashboard Systems and many more.

Mobile Development

Give your business a head start with professionally designed mobile application for both Android and iOS smart phones and tablets.

Digital IT Strategy

Digital strategies are about investing in the right technology for your business. We build, adapt and deploy the right tech to improve your digital capabilities.

Maintenance and Support

Whether or not we built it, we can fix it. We offer IT support and software maintenance packages that will keep all your systems streamlined, and stress-free.

Tech Consulting

Get face-to-face consultations with our software and IT specialists. They know what they’re talking about (even if they do dress like surly, teenage hackers).